Information Overload

This was a graphics piece based on the theme of ‘information overload’. I looked at the idea of overload but from a visual perspective. In our day to day lives we are bombarded with advertisement and promotions in print and digital form all competing for our attention and I began to question if it in fact had the opposite effect resulting in us becoming more ignorant and less engaged with the media we are struck with. My outcome was  a type face made out of magazine and newspaper cut outs, aiming to highlight the aesthetic side of what can be quite mundane and repetitive media. I also tried to demonstrate the idea of an overload of information through the layering of contrasting text, pattern and imagery – which hopefully makes the viewer look at the typeface more closely.


These were some experimental pieces I created in the earlier stages of my project. Using scanned crosswords as a medium for my typeface; they related to all sorts of ‘information overload’: many clues linking to the crossword, the figuring out of the the word and the criss cross combination of answers. Having the crossword already filled may give a greater sense of ‘information overload’ with more for the audience to take in and interpret.alphabets


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