B of The Bang

This project involved being presented with an image and having complete free reign with the entire project direction and outcome. The image I was allocated at random was of the B of the Bang sculpture which was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Situated next to the City of Manchester Stadium at Sportcity; it was commissioned to commemorate the 2002 Commonwealth Games. The name was derived from a quotation of British sprinter Linford Christie, who said that he started races not just at the ‘bang’ of the starting pistol but at the ‘B of the Bang’. The huge spike sculpture symbolised the ‘burst of energy as an athlete shoots out of the blocks’ as well as a ‘bold new beginning for the city.’ Wanting to recreate this motion, I decided to produce a set of adverts for Nike using a comic book style. Brands such as Nike advertise their products with superlative qualities; encouraging the consumer by claiming they’ll be the ‘best’ or ‘first’. This seemed fitting with the sporting quotation and I decided play on the conventional action packed illustrative style of comic books. Both the style and method I used to produce my images – the Pen Tool on Illustrator – were new to me and so exploring them both was quite fun although the line work has a lot of room for improvement. I stuck to quite bold, flat, mostly primary colours to give the adverts a vibrant pop art-esque look. Again the colouring was kept quite basic and I think some extra shadowing/highlighting effects could bring the image to life a little more. Over all, however, as a first time Illustrator dominant piece I think I managed to communicate a dynamic advertisement, that may look effective placed side by side in a comic strip frame on a billboard.

bang bang2


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