Mannequin Shoot

Working with the theme of ‘identity’ I researched the work of a photographer that used lighting and styling to make mannequins look like humans in a large series of studio shots. Despite the waxy flawless appearance, detail had been paid to create shadows in the right places so that from far away it was hard to distinguish the life from the lifeless. I quite liked the way this blurred the idea of an identity – how we recognise a particular thing or being. Inspired, I experimented with creating the opposite effect – live models but with a mannequin-like quality. I played around with false eyelashes, make up and moisturiser for glossy skin whilst instructing the model to pose as expressionless as possible. I then used Photoshop for airbrushing techniques that evened out blemishes or wrinkles in the skin. Although not as borderline ‘real or not’ as the photographer I looked at, I was hoping to create an eery appearance in which the audience tries to look closer to examine the glossy features or identify give-away flaws that distinguish us as humans.
final1 final2


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